The principal investment area pursues corporate investment opportunities in mature and emerging markets, investing capital from the firm, its employees and outside investors. Since 1991, Intersel has worked with middle eastern families and international investors. We seek to make investments in businesses where the creative application of our capital and our international expertise and relationships can help managers build significant value. Principal investment area emphasizes trust and building long-term relationships. We identify, structure, finance, create value, monitor and harvest investments across a diversified range of industries. We also team up with partners who have country or sector expertise and could deploy capital.

agricultureIntersel Investment is a traditional merchant banking business that focuses on private equity investments in mature and emerging markets. Intersel Investment has a broad and flexible investment mandate allowing it to be aggressive in responding to attractive local investment opportunities.

Intersel (the “company”) was established to make privately negotiated equity and equity-related investments in the real estate and smaller to medium enterprises (“smes”) . The manager will target growth capital opportunities.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 14.44.48The second component of our PI business encompasses real estate investment. We have already been exposed and built considerable knowledge in many countries in these sectors and we are working alongside our clients providing assistance through our advisory and financing capabilities. An ability to provide an equity proposition is a natural extension of our capabilities in these areas.