FullSizeRender(23)Intersel is a boutique management and advisory firm specializing in strategic advice and implementation to corporate clients and high net worth individuals; it acts as an asset manager and principal investor. We work with clients throughout the project life cycle, helping to achieve the strategic objectives by advising on management, acquisition, disposals, management buyouts, buyins, fund raising, takeovers, mergers and strategic reviews. Our asset management arm focuses on real estate and a principal investment arm that may act alone or jointly with our partners to deploy capital in mature and emerging markets. As well as our London presence, we operate established teams of professionals in Beirut and seek to become the preferred provider of management, advisory services and investment opportunities in mature and emerging markets. Due to the past and present experience of the founding partner, and through our network of experts, investors and financial institutions, we have achieved success for our clients. We strive to build trust and longterm relationships by taking a forwardlooking view on our relationships, and identify ways to help our clients achieve their most important business objectives.

FullSizeRender(21)Intersel Ltd (Lebanon) was incorporated in the Lebanon in 1991. Salim Khoury, the principal started, with a small team focusing on creating value by advising Middle Eastern clients on their expansion in Europe. In 2001, Intersel (uk) Ltd. was incorporated as a limited liability company with a management advisory mandate to represent Intersel and manage projects in Europe while adding high net worth clients and assisting them in running their assets. From 2005 to 2007 the team was able to raise more than 300 million USD for clients and then worked on transaction of 2 billion euros in size. After the 2008 financial crisis, the company expanded its emerging market mandate while continuing in assisting clients in developments in Europe. In 2011 Intersel entered into a joint venture with Libertas LLP in London to grow its advisory business and teamed up with other principal investors to invest in attracting opportunities.


Our Vision is to be the most preferred provider of management and advisory services and valuable opportunities.


To be leaders in our sector, delivering world class services through the blending of knowledge, experience and intelligence in partnership with competent and committed staff and partners, while being able to find and benefit from opportunities.

Ethical Principals

  • Professional integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Regulatory compliance.

IMG_7754We help on setting the business development strategy, and then we provide the services to support the growth.

We focus on:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the current situation;
  • Assistance in determining needs and goals;
  • An explanation of the available strategies and potential development solutions, along with their associated risks;
  • Development of a plan and assistance in implementation;
  • Creation of a timetable for executing the plan and help to periodically review the progress.